One year ago I would never have guessed where my journey at Founders & Coders would take me. I had just applied to the September cohort and was waiting to hear back on whether I had made it into the course or not. I was working a dead end job for a company I didn't care for, bored out of my mind.

Eight months later, I am about to start work at the Guardian News & Media as a developer – a company that I am very excited to be apart of, doing work that I love, ever learning.

I had no coding experience, apart from a bit of html and css. Within a couple of weeks I was addicted. I love the work and the challenges. Every day I wake up excited to learn and write code.

Founders & Coders is so fulfilling that no one wants it to end. As a member of a cohort the bonding is such that we often talked about applying to jobs together. However in the end only a few people decided to leave. Instead most of us decided to stay as freelancers at FAC to continue to work and learn together. Working on our initial MVPs for clients was a great experience. There is a whole new set of problems that come in to play when you are working with a real client and all their hopes and expectations.

During this period I worked on for Camden Council, an inventory management app for a freighting company, and other smaller projects. Each one I worked on with a new team, and each one presented new problems to solve.

Arguably the best learning is the teaching. I helped teach the two following cohorts after mine. On the weekends, I helped deliver workshops on a variety of topics such as Test Driven Development, React and Responsive Design. Students asking questions is the best test of your understanding and a great way to expose gaps in your knowledge. It reveals what to focus on next.

Founders & Coders has infused me and others with the joy of coding. As an environment dedicated to its members' self-fulfillment it has no parallel.

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