1. Create a GitHub account (note: you can easily use this account to join Gitter, freeCodeCamp, and Codewars)

  2. Join our online community on Gitter, and actively participate in the chatroom:

  3. To help you while you’re working on the prerequisites, we host regular meetups. Please make every effort to attend. You can find out more about our meetups by submitting an expression of interest or in our Gitter room.

  4. We love freeCodeCamp and think it’s a fantastic way to begin your journey as a web developer. Complete the following sections on freeCodeCamp's updated curriculum:

    • Responsive Web Design Certification:
      • Basic HTML and HTML5
      • Basic CSS
      • Responsive Web Design Principles
      • CSS Flexbox
    • Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification:

      • Basic JavaScript
      • ES6
      • Basic Data Structures
      • Basic Algorithm Scripting

      Completing these recommended sections should leave you with at least 200 points, but you are encouraged to also complete any of the other topics that take your interest.

  5. Codewars provides a strong introduction to the problem-solving skills you’ll need in order to be successful as a web developer. You will need to:

    • Reach at least 5 kyu and 300 honour points in JavaScript on Codewars
  6. Please select just one of the two options below:

    Option 1: Create at least one JavaScript kata

    Option 2: Create an image carousel

  7. When you’re ready (which could be after some work on freeCodeCamp), create a one-page website using GitHub Pages. Your website must:

    • Tell us something interesting about yourself that will support your application;
    • Contain a link back to the GitHub repo which contains the code for your site;
    • Contain links to your freeCodeCamp and Codewars pages, and if you chose Option 2, a link for that as well;
    • Be hosted on GitHub;
    • Not use a GitHub theme;
    • Not use a framework like Bootstrap or libraries like jQuery.

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